Active IngredientFosthiazate
Formulations1.5%G, 5%G, 10%G, 30%SL, 150EC
CropsVegetables, Potatoes, Sweet potatoes, Bananas, Pine tree, etc.
ApplicationBroadcast and soil incorporation to control nematodes (Meloidogyne
spp., Heterodera spp. and Pratylenchus spp.), aphids, mites, thrips, etc
in vegetables, potatoes, tomatoes and bananas, etc. Applied mainly at
1.5-3.0 kg a.i./ha.
Mode of ActionInhibition of acetylcholine esterase in nematodes and other pests.
Its excellent systemic action also provides high performance against
nematodes and foliar insect pests.
Acts against motile larval stages of nematodes in the soil and prevents
invasion to roots of crops.